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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • Do I need to provide cleaning supplies?
    We will gladly provide you with the necessary house cleaning supplies for an additional cost of $17. (Vacuum cleaner delivery is not included in this price.) Prices for commercial cleaning supplies can vary. Take a look at our More For You options or chat with us today for a quick quote.
  • Is window cleaning offered?
    Yes, we provide interior window cleaning. Take a look at our More For You options or chat with us today for a quick quote.
  • How soon should I cancel my appointment?
    You must cancel your appointment at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time. Contact us at (718) 300-7853 or chat with us today for quick response to more queries.

Terms & Conditions

Payments Accepted

We accept any credit or debit card such as MasterCard and Visa. We do not accept cash payments. All services are paid through our website or Venmo. Important: As of May 21st, 2024, a transaction fee of 4% will be added to your total service amount. A transaction fee is a fee charged to us by your financial institution to process your purchase.


Cancellation Policy

Tidy Cleaning Care requires a 24-hour cancellation notice. Tidy Cleaning Care does not charge a fee as long as you notify our office at (718) 300-7853 or during regular business hours within the agreed time frame. ​Please note that if you cancel an upcoming reservation less than 24 hours in advance, a fee of [20]% of the cleaning cost will be charged and the remaining amount will be refundable electronically.


Cleaning service plans and frequency can be canceled at any time, and will expire at the end of your current billing cycle. Please note that you must notify us at least [7] days in advance of the end of your billing cycle. We will charge you for the services provided and the remaining amount, if any, will be refunded electronically. All service cancellations in less than [7] days will incur a $45 fee.



Reservations must be rescheduled at least [24] hours in advance. All reservations rescheduled in less than [24] hours will have an additional charge of $35.


Late Access Fee

Your cleaning service is scheduled to start on time, please note that you will be notified by text and email that your cleaner is ready to start your service. If your cleaner waits longer than [15] minutes to gain access to your residence, please note that a late access fee of $25 will be charged to your account.


Plans and Packages Restrictions

Restrictions may apply to all cleaning plans and packages. We strongly encourage all our valuable customers to read the restrictions before booking any service. We will do our best to complete all your cleaning needs within the time frame of your service. If it is necessary to cancel your service immediately due to a safety concern towards any of our staff members during the cleaning service, 50% of the total cost of your service will be charged and the remaining amount will be refunded. Pricing plans are subject to change.


Cleaner Request

Once your account is first created, we assign you a cleaner. Our intention is for you to receive consistent service. We will always do our best to send you the same cleaner at every service. However, there are times when we cannot do so for various reasons, but if you would like to stick with a particular cleaner, please let us know and we will work with you to schedule the most suitable day/time.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is very important to us, that is why all our cleaning services are guaranteed. We will notify you half an hour before your service is completed. We recommend that you check all areas before your cleaner leaves to ensure it meets your expectations. If you were unable to check all areas and your service was not completed to your satisfaction, please contact us at (718) 300-7853 immediately. We will review your claim along with photos or videos of the areas that were not clean. You will be notified of the resolution of your claim within [1-2] hours. All claims must be made within [8] hours of completion of service. After [8] hours we will not be able to process your claim or guarantee that we will send the cleaner back to complete your service to your satisfaction. *No monetary refunds will be made at any time for any reason.*


Contact Us

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance with your reservation or if you have any inquiries.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We're here for you.

Tidy Cleaning Care

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